Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'd like to thank God for my daughter, MaryEllen, today!  When she made her appearance in the world her father was so excited he cried.  I couldn't believe I had a beautiful little girl.  Mary brought much joy into our home, especially for her brothers.  When she talked too much, they threatened to unscrew her bellybutton so her arms and legs would fall off.  Believing them she would come screaming her brothers were going to make her fall apart.  She was used as a barbell for lifting weights, and would be tricked into going to bed by running a race to see who would get to the bed first.  She of course, would win, and we would give her a kiss and say goodnight.  Her brothers would shake their heads and think how easily she would fall for that trick time and again.  Hey, it works, don't knock it!!!  LOL!!  She missed her brothers very much when they moved away and was at odds with their wives when they married because she saw the wives as thieves.  They stole her brothers.  Of course by now she has a good relationship with her sisters-in law and loves them.  I know God has a plan for your life Mary.  Remember to put him first in your life.  Get your education and enjoy this time in your life-your singleness.  Embrace it!!!  I love you and am proud of the young woman you are becoming.  I love you!!!

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