Monday, November 7, 2011

I am grateful for my son Mark.  Wow, Mark!  Mark was my last born (or so I thought).  I held him and loved on him so much.  I was so glad to have a little guy and to have him stay little for awhile.  He loved sports.  His dream was to be the governor of Wisconsin and to own the Dallas Cowboys one day.   He purchased his father a years subscription of Sports Illustrated along with the swimsuit edition for his father for Christmas one year.  One might think, Wow, that was really nice of him.  LOL!!  He paid for it with his father's credit card.  Mark continually tried to enter a football game the men of our church were playing.  He finally got in there and was dogpiled and for his effort got a broken leg.  However, before the cast was fully dried I found him at the top of the tree in the front yard.  Throughout his life, the trait I have most admired in Mark is his tenacity or indomitable spirit.  He is not a quiter and that character trait has helped him in trying times.  I don't think I could have endured some of the things he has.  One of the things I am proud of him for is his love for his children.  I am glad that he found a church in Georgia that he and Stephanie as well as the children enjoyed going to.  God loves you and has a plan for your life Mark!!

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