Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am thankful for John's family.  His mother and father were a great support in the early days.  John's mom came to our home after the children were born and always enjoyed being with us and loving on her grandchildren.  I understand more now as a grandmother what those children meant to her and how it was important that they were loved and taken care of.  John's dad always worked at least two jobs for as long as I can remember.  With the money he made he helped John and I with diapers and other baby necessities.  He paid for a truck so we could relocate to Texas when John's job did not work out in Virginia.  I always appreciated Laura's thoughtfulness.  She was always faithful in writing letters, sending cards unlike her sister in law.  I have never been a writer of letters.  I still have the knives she gave John and I for a wedding present and believe it or not I still use them.  I appreciate Ricky for his persistence in visiting and keeping in touch through phone calls and personal visits.  He has been very faithful in doing this.  I was so glad that John and Ricky were able to go to Rhode Island together to see Michael graduate from OCS.  I have been very blessed with a great family!

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