Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I am thankful for each of my grandchildren they are awesome!  Jacob is our oldest by three minutes and is ten.  He has a take care of my siblings outlook, he loves to read, play computer games or board games.  He memorizes scripture for his club, and tries to read his bible. Jacob has a tender heart and is a caretaker.  He has a tender heart toward the things of God.  Josiah is his twin brother.  I cannot look at him without seeing his daddy as a boy.  He has his own way of doing things.  He loves science, math and legos.  He doesn't mind reading if it is something he is interested in.  I am amazed at the things he can build or replicate with legos.  God has given him a mind that is amazing.  Josiah sometimes appears to be indifferent to things but is also very tenderhearted.  Alaina is 8 and is so very precious to me.  She was my little sidekick for awhile.  She is very conscientious, and I fear a perfectionist.  She loves reading, dolls, Polly Pockets, and Pet Shop pets.  She enjoys science in school.  She is very excited about being in the school's production of The Wizard of Oz.  She is a girly girl who loves bows, shiny shoes, sparkly shoes, earrings, and play makeup.  She has recently become a Brownie and is enjoying her Brownie troop.  Anya is 5 and is our little red-head.  You just never know what is going to come out of her mouth.  She enjoys being read to and is loving kindergarten.  Well, at least the social aspect of it.  She has many friends at school so I think I know who the social butterfly of the family will be.  Everybody loves her-the teachers, the students alike.  Anya has become a Daisy in Girl Scouts and is loving it.  She enjoys Sunday school and sitting with her teacher, Ms. Elaine.  I am thankful for the time I have had Mark's children in our home.  How many grandparents are lucky enough to be able to have an impact on the lives of their grandchildren.  I pray for God's guidance, wisdom and patience as I help Mark raise them during the time he is away.  Thank you, Mark for allowing me this opportunity! 

I am so thankful for my little Andrew.  It is amazing to me how much he is like his daddy in looks and temperament.  He is built like a Sherman Tank (much like Michael as a boy) and he has a very sweet spirit.  I love how he enjoys playing with his father.  He enjoys reading and dinosaurs and movie monologues.  Thank you Becky!  LOL!!  He likes being outside and it was fun to see him enjoy the animals at the Pumpkin Farm while Michael and Becky were visiting.  He loved feeding them.  He loves his dog Pepper.  He enjoys running, chasing and playing with him.  I love you Andrew! 

I am thankful for Matthew and Edna's children, Adan and Abi!  I am enjoying my time with Adan.  Adan loves to be read to and enjoys going to the library.  He is shy.  It takes awhile for him to warm up but once he is there-look out world!!!  He enjoys singing and doing hand motions. Adan loves animals, playing outside and he loves his cousin Andrew!  He loves his sister Abi.  Adan has the same face shape as his father.  He loves to make funny faces and he has quite the personality.  He already knows many of his numbers and the letters of the alphabet.  Thank you big sister, Abi!  Abi-my first born granddaughter!  You have a special place in my heart.  Remember how you would come to grandma and grandpa's house and take out everyone of the movies we had and stack them.  You also learned how to open your grandfather's briefcase so you could get gum when you came over.  You are such a great sister.  You play with your brother as well as help look after him.  Abi loves to read and loves to make things.  She makes little notebooks and bracelets and sells them at school.  She loves math and is very good at it.  She is learning many Bible verses and is so proud.  Grandma is proud of you too!!  She invited her cousins to Bible school and they really enjoyed going with you.  She is a help to her mother and is very responsible.  I love you Abi!  You are a special young lady!

I am thankful for my grandson Kekoa and for the opportunity I had to have him in my home for about five months.  Kekoa you are in my heart always.  I saw a picture of you the other day on your mom's facebook page and I thought, you look exactly like your father.  I love your sweet spirit.  You love to be held and loved on.  I sure enjoyed rocking you and holding you.  I can see how much you have grown.  Kekoa enjoyed eating oatmeal for breakfast.  He would come out to the kitchen and I would make him some oatmeal.  Sometimes he would get upset because it didn't cool down quickly enough.  He loves to be outside.  He enjoys dogs.  I love his red hair, brown eyes, and sweet smile.  He is loved by his sisters and brothers here in Texas.  They miss him and get excited when I show them a picture on facebook.  I pray for you!  Kekoa loves cars.  He and Anya would sometimes fight over them.  Anya would take them away from him and he would just sit there with a hurt look on his face but then he got tired of that stuff and started taking them away from her.  You are a special little boy Kekoa!  You have an entire family and extended family who love you here on the mainland. 

I am thankful for my new little grandson Donovan.  I haven't met him yet.  I have just seen pictures of him and he is beautiful.  Donovan is already loved by his sisters and brothers here.  They talk about how "adorable" he is.  I know they can't wait to see and meet their new brother.  We have been praying for him will continue to do so.  Donovan has lots of hair like Mark had when he was a baby.  I also noticed his hair stands up on end just like Marks did.  I love you Donovan already and can hardly wait to meet you!

One day when I arrive in heaven I will get to meet my grandson Hunter and my other grandchild who we lost a couple of weeks ago.  I will see you one day.  Til then, I love you!

Thank you Lord, for these precious children!!!!

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