Thursday, November 3, 2011

I am thankful for my eldest son Matthew.  From the moment he was born I was madly in love with the little guy!  I have treasured the memories of the dead worms he would bring to me in his little pockets when he was three.  He was thrilled to bring me his treasure.  I said yuck, and did not realize that he was sharing what was valuable to him.  I remember the soccer games, the cooking contests, the sheep, and the dirty boots.  After spending all afternoon cleaning stalls he would try to enter the house without removing his boots and say, "Mom, my boots aren't dirty!"  He loves his wife Edna and tries to be a good provider for his family.  He has worked his tail off trying to go to school full time, work full time and still parent his children.  Somehow he found the fortitude to take his kids to the park and play with them.  Through much hard work and sacrifice on his and Edna's part he earned his degree.  He has been to Iraq three times.  He has also begun to go back to church and work on his relationship with God.  He has been attending classes on parenting his daughter.  Matt takes Abi and Adan to Awana's.  He has been going to church even when it isn't easy and I know God is working in his life as well as that of his family's.  I am grateful to God for his love toward Matthew and each of us who "call upon his name."  I am waiting for the time when "my boy" will sing again and I know he will!  I am so proud of you Matthew and I love you very much!!!

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