Monday, November 16, 2009

Mississippi College

Mary and I had a great trip to Mississippi. Our goal was for Mary to be able to visit with some of the professors, go to class, talk to the volleyball coach and students. This was something she was able to do on Saturday.

The college had a great day planned for prospective students and their families. Lots of good information was given to us in the morning sessions. Mary was able to attend a Chinese language class and meet her professor. She of course, enjoyed the time. She learned her name is highly desired in China as it means beautiful. She was able to speak to the person who heads the business department and he was able to give Mary some tips also. They had tables set up in the cafeteria so you could meet the professors and booths set up outside so you could check out the clubs on campus. At days end, Mary had made up her mind that this is where she wants to go to college. It seems like a good fit for her. We now begin the process of applying to the school as well as scouting for scholarships. If this is the school for Mary then God will provide the means to be there. Pray for us as we begin this process.

I enjoyed my weekend with my daughter. I know this is just the beginning of the countdown so I tried to take pictures and make it a special time for the both of us. My beautiful, tiny little baby is almost grown up. Sad--but happy days ahead. I wonder who will be the worse basketcase as we see the last duckling leave the nest, myself or John?

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