Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Parade in Irving!

Today was the day I had planned to go to the Christmas Parade in Dallas. However, it was not easy getting everyone out the door early enough to get parking and good seats. Consequently, the parking lot where I usually park was full and I was directed to a parking garage and told I could watch the parade from up there. I debated after seeing the people hanging out of the garage and said, NO WAY!!! I turned around and began looking for an alternative. I couldn't find one so we began to head on home. I knew there was going to be a parade in Irving so all was not lost.

I decided to pay a "surprise" visit to Charlotte. Mary and I went to make a Dunkin Donut run then went to her house where there was some wonderful coffee waiting for us. My crazy sister had her back door wide open enjoying the nice fresh air. It was a little cool but "hey" she was happy.

I enjoyed my coffee and of course some sister time. We headed back home a little later than I intended. We stopped by the house for a potty break and then went on to the parade. The grandchildren really enjoyed the parade but really loved collecting candy.

I am looking forward to the Walk-thru Nativity next weekend when my family will get together to enjoy each others company and to enjoy celebrating a little bit of the holiday together.

It is feeling more and more like Christmas. I love this time of year!!!

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